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Serving Virginia for 25 years

Computer sales, onsite repair, service, system development, networking, and web services.

Imitated but never duplicated (see below )

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Chester, VA  23831

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Computer Doctors has been making house calls for twenty five years to homes and businesses all over Virginia providing honest, reliable services to its customers.

Keeping up with today’s technology, we can help you stay ahead and plan for the future with equipment and communications that will allow you to do business how you want. Whether you are a one computer office or offices networked at a distance we can help answer your questions and give you solutions. Even if you have a mobile office, we can assist you.


            Networking design and maintenance

Web connectivity and video conferencing

Software solutions

Security and Antivirus

Prewiring and rewiring for phone and networks

Repair services:

            Windows PC compatible systems

XP through Windows 11


            Internet connections / communications

Phone and wiring


            PC Compatible Pentium, and AMD based systems and Laptops

            Multi-media components         Communications accessories

            Networking Printers / CAD equipment