Seems not everyone gets to be part of their family, how about you?

My name is Stephen. I have been a successful practicing attorney for 20 plus years. I have a pretty good idea how cases are to be handled and tried. Mine with Allen and Allen was handled with the least priority and attention. Unlike their claims, there was no personal care or extra time given to me.


I am permanently disabled resulting from a very serious car wreck in Feb of 2014. Today I have equipment installed in my back to just to simply help dull the continuous pain from the accident for which I originally contacted Allen and Allen. I will never be without pain. I will never pickup my nieces. I will never practice law again, for I can’t focus enough or stand long enough to present a case.

I hired the law firm of Allen Allen Allen and Allen. They appointed Mr. Paul Curley handled my case. A complete fiasco occurred.  Not good at all. They do not come close to living up to their ads you see over and over on TV. Mr. Curley did what I call a layup and was relying on the firm’s name to slide by.  As did the directors of the firm, who should have been overseeing the work or lack of work that their own employees were doing. That is their job, to monitor and supervise, you know, the team they speak of on TV. But the team was out for my game, the directors were asleep at the wheel.

When dealing with large insurance carriers the work must be done timely and properly. Relying on one’s name does not work when a large insurance company is involved, unless under the table agreements are commonplace. In a seven month period Mr. Curley and the Allen’s managed to depose one medical doctor out of seven and no lay witnesses at all. Curley nor the firm assembled the entirety of medical records or bills, even though I gave them all of these up to July of 2016.  Mr. Curley was so inept the one witness he did depose missed his appointment as this attorney was running late by his own admission.  In other words my case did not matter even though there was clear liability and 1.5 million in insurance.

In fact Mr. Curley had no clue what the case was about because he failed to do even the basics a good attorney should do. He overlooked much of the medical evidence and had no clue how serious I was injured, because he didn’t ask.  This is the whole point of their job. When I realized all he had failed to do, by January of 2017 I called him on it. I was very ill at this point and letting him do his job just like their ads say they do. “We take care of everything so you don’t have to worry” is actually straight from their own tv ads.

Trial was set for May of 2017 and it was too late to get all the necessary work done including witness subpoenas . Doctors schedules run out more than the time that was allotted. Mr. Curly got angry and quit in Feburaury of 2017 when I told him to get off his backside an do his job. The very next day, one of my key medical doctors died. No way to fix this and rewind the clock for Mr. Curley to promptly do his job. Even worse not one person in charge of the firm would offer to help me. No One.

Worse, Mr. Curley knew I was going broke. The case was ready for trial and Mr. Curley quit right at the many scheduled deadlines set by the Judge.  A substantial amount of the medical people where out of state, as I had to search beyond local reach to find any relief for my medically documented constant suffering. When I hired Mr. Curley I told him this, where he he assured he would fly down and see the medical professionals and get the information needed to win my case. He never even spoke to them much less fly down there.

Mr. Curley was dismissed from Allen and Allen. However, Mr. Trent Kerns and other officers of Allen and Allen will not stand up and make this right. In fact they are hiding behind their own insurance company. “The Allen’s are there to protect the injured since 1910.” Is this only if its easy and they have an agreement with the companies they sue?

Like a good pilot or surgeon it does matter who you chose as your attorney. Because who Allen and Allen is and their influential reach, not one attorney would help me sue the Allen’s nor would pick up my injury case when Curley quit.  I got left holding the bag and am doing best I can.

By hiring the Allen and Allen law firm I will lose my home and live in poverty the rest of my life. I was even lied to by Mr. Curley. I asked him to make an offer to the insurance company in attempts to expedite. He never made the offer yet told me otherwise. I was treated very badly by Allen and Allen. I had to retire at 50. As an attorney myself, this easily cost me over a million dollars. How much have they cost you?

This is my story and I hope it isn’t the end. I would very much like to hear yours, and maybe together we all can see more justice from Allen and Allen.